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What is?

Users may activate their Microsoft Office 2019 suite without a product key with the help of Office 2019 Activator. You may download the Office 2019 suite from a download link using this method to activate Office 2019 for free. You may activate Office apps like Excel and Word on your Windows 10 PC by utilizing a KM server.

An actual product key is not required to complete the easy activation process. Alternatively, you may activate Microsoft Office 2019 using volume license keys or by following a comprehensive guide on a WPS Office blog.

What is Office 2019 Activator?

To properly activate Office 2019 on your computer, be careful to read the FAQs and instructions that are supplied.

What are the Risks of Using Office 2019 Activator?

The use of an Office 2019 activator is not without its dangers, some of which might damage your machine or even steal your data.

You run the risk of violating Microsoft’s terms of service and facing legal action if you activate Microsoft Office 2019 via unapproved methods. Using an activator also increases the risk that you won’t get critical security and functionality upgrades for your office suite.

To prevent these dangers, it is always recommended that you activate your Microsoft Office 2019 using the approved procedures specified by Microsoft servers.

Technical Characteristics

  • Provides compatibility with PDF, OpenDocument Format (ODF), and further extensible standards
  • Maintains compatibility with earlier Office file types (.doc,.xls,.ppt) with Adobe Illustrator
  • Conventional model of perpetual license with a single purchase
  • Assistance with cloud-based click-to-run installations and Microsoft Installer (MSI)
  • Encryption and Data Loss Prevention features
  • Assistance with multiple-factor authentication



  • Simplified Deployment: In business settings that are used to handling software in this manner, installing Office 2019 via Windows Installer (MSI) or another conventional installation method may be easier.
  • Lower IT Overhead: The IT department may have less work to do in overseeing Office licenses, subscriptions, and cloud services if they were not required.
  • Data Control: With a locally installed suite, you have complete control over data storage and security compliance for important information and documents.
What are the Risks of Using Office 2019 Activator?


  • No Access to Cloud Services: Office 2019 does not include with or interact with popular Microsoft 365 services such as OneDrive, Teams, Stream, or Planner.
  • End of Support: Just as with other perpetual Office versions, you will no longer get security updates or patches for Office 2019 after support ends.
  • Hardware Limitations: On future devices and operating systems, Office 2019 may not work as well as it formerly did due to optimization issues or inability to fully use current hardware capabilities.

System Requirements

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz, 2-core processor or better
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM 
  • GPU: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 9 or later device with WDDM 2.0 or higher driver
  • Disk Space: 4 GB of available disk space
System Requirements

How to Install?

  1. Step

    From our website, you can get Microsoft Office 2019 Activator free of charge. Proceed to learn how to activate Office 2019 using KMS (Key Management Service) after you have installed it on your computer successfully.

  2. Step

    Activate Office 2019 without a valid Office license by following these instructions. The activation process requires the use of a command prompt, often conducted as an administrator using the cmd prompt. You may use Office 2019’s full feature set without having to pay for an Office 365 subscription by following this procedure.

  3. Step

    After finishing the download process, make sure you see the prompt for Microsoft Office products. You may proceed with the Office activation after you see the Microsoft app interface and begin utilizing all of the Office apps included in the package.If you want to use all the features of Microsoft Office 2019 without paying anything extra, activating it via KMS is a quick and easy way to do so.

How to Install and Activate Office 2019?


Q: What are the main differences between Office 2016 and Office 2019?

A: The new features and enhancements included in Office 2019 are the key changes between Office 2016 and Office 2019. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and the rest of Office 2019 are all new versions of the application suite. Office 2019 also receives frequent security updates but no feature upgrades.

Q: How can I install Office 2019 on my computer?

A: To install Office 2019 on your computer, you must first download the setup file from Microsoft’s official download page and then follow the installation instructions. You must have a reliable internet connection when installing this installation.

Q: How long does the Office 2019 license last?

A: Once activated, the Office 2019 license grants you permanent access to the program. Office on your computer license has no expiry date.


The latest version of Microsoft Office, Professional Plus 2019, is available for free download from the Microsoft website. You must activate Office Professional Plus 2019 within 180 days in order to begin using it. Use the command prompt while logged in as an administrator to activate it. Never forget to hit enter after every instruction.

Conclusion - Download Microsoft Office 2019 Activator

Some of the new and improved features in this edition of Microsoft Office include connectivity with Android devices and integration with artificial intelligence. It is compatible with Windows and provides a range of tools, such as spreadsheets.

Before trying to activate the version of Office, be sure you access the folder where it is stored. Discover all the features and capabilities of Pro Plus to make the most of it.

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